The Joy of Domesticity

Today was unusual – and unplanned. I spent my entire day immersed in domestic bliss, mostly in the kitchen. I baked – home-made pita bread and sesame crackers. I made roasted eggplant dip and taboule. I ironed. I mended clothes. I did the dishes – several times due to all the baking and cooking. And I loved every minute of it. By late afternoon I had tangible products to show for my work – food for the week, clothes ready to wear to work, a clean kitchen. It was a great way to spend a cold, cloudy day – warming the house and lifting my spirit with the smells of good food and time well spent. It is a rare day for me, this immersion in domesticity. I liked it. It was simple. It was joyful.

How did you spend your day? Did it make you happy?

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