After the President’s Speech – oh the irony…

So what DID happen AFTER the President’s speech was taped rather than shown live in my District? According to our local paper: Our school board reviewed the speech and deemed it “rated G” and suitable for all students to watch.

It will be made available now on the District’s website or teachers can check out the tape (is there really only one tape?) from the District’s Media Library to show in class. But it will not be broadcast over ITV for all schools to view. Parents will not be given the option to opt-out because, in the words of one of our school board members, “It’s the President for God’s sake; you don’t opt out.”

So why did we opt-out ALL of our kids during the live performance in the first place? What lessons has this taught our kids? I think our local political cartoonist captured it brilliantly in today’s cartoon: Parent asks student: “Did you see the President’s speech live at school? So, what do you think?” Student replies: “I wouldn’t know, I’m not allowed to think for myself.”

Seems to me that a lot of adults could benefit from hearing the President’s message of not giving up, setting goals, and taking responsibility these days.  Just saying…

So, what happened in your neck of the woods?

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