#TwitterforFood makes a difference – you can too!

I’ve been watching the #Twitterforfood phenomenon for the past few weeks – fascinated by the possibilities of this grassroots campaign started by Tim Blair, aka @enklings of California. I follow Tim on Twitter, and when I first saw his tweets about Twitterforfood, it sounded simple and interesting to me. As June 1st approached and he continued to remind us about the June 1st Twitterforfood campaign, I decided I would join the effort by re-tweeting his tweets to my circle of followers, skip a meal, and donate to a hunger organization on that day. Yesterday I chose to donate to a local organization that has a global impact – ECHO.

Such a simple act…it took very little time and effort on my part… but it raised my awareness and helped raise money to feed the hungry. I imagine the same is true for a lot of other folks out there…

This is such a great example of the positive power of social media. Though I do not know Tim personally, my online connection to him has empowered me and thousands of others to help an important cause. It made me think of all the ways we can use our social networks to bring change to the world we live in. I’ve been thinking about how this same type of effort might be replicated to raise funds for my school libraries or for public libraries.

If you could start a grassroots campaign through social media, what would be your cause?


  1. Hey Deb, great post.

    Along with hunger, I have a big passion for reading. Do you know if there has ever been a big effort to market libraries at state and county fairs? My other big idea is to save up the library book sales for the county fairs, put together a great marketing kit and website for any library to use and sell lots of books at the fairs along with getting people to sign up for a Read12 program to e-mail them suggestions on reading just 12 books a year. Also have a fundraiser at the fair for people who would like to help fund the libraries – perhaps sponsor giving 12 books to a child.

    Anyway, would love to talk to yo about this as it’s obvious you have a similar passion!

    Thanks for your help in getting the word out for twitterforfood. The next one happens July 1st. Hopefully it will be a lot bigger than the first one.

    All the best,


  2. Tim,
    I’ve never heard of such an effort at state or county fairs – but I think it could have merit… will tweet you. – Deb

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