Are you a seeker, too?

Hello world. I’ve started a new blog to share good ideas and generate conversation, especially among seekers like me – people who crave challenge, opportunity, new ideas, new skills, and new insights about just about anything. Because my interests are numerous and varied – so, too, will be the posts on this blog. But you can be sure there will be plenty of posts about libraries, technology, and information science, as well as education, politics, philosophy, and the environment. Please feel free to join in the conversation, keeping in mind that all comments and posts should invite openness and sharing.

Let’s start with this idea of a seeker… who/what is a seeker? When I asked my husband to describe me in three words, he thought very carefully and then the first word out of his mouth was “seeker”.  He went on to say that in the nearly 30 years he’s known me I have always sought out challenges that give me opportunities to change things around me and pushed others to change what they do or how they think. After I thought about this for awhile, I decided he was right. I have always been less than content with how things are (including what I know and can do) and work to find ways to improve myself and circumstances around me. Status quo is just not my cup of tea… how about you? Are you a seeker? If so, how?

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